Leadership & Oversight

Local Leadership here in the Algarve

We have a team of dedicated people who oversee the running of the church here in Portugal. With one Worship Site, some roles are congregation specific and some oversee the whole body of the church. Below you will find some of the key people who currently serve in leadership here in the Algarve.

José Alves Farinha


Christ The King
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José Farinha is a Portuguese national born in 1957 in a small village of the province of Beira Baixa, but raised in Entroncamento, an important railway junction in the centre of Portugal. José moved with his family to Algarve in 1985 and since then has been teaching Psychology first in the Polytechnic Institute of Faro and in the University of Algarve, after the two institutions merged in 1992. He is the father of two older boys, Daniel (36) and Filipe (35) and younger Beatriz (11) and Teófilo (6). He is also the proud grandfather of two lovely girls and a boy. Although as a baby he was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, later his parents joined an evangelical Pentecostal Church where he was baptized by immersion at the age of 15. He was not attending any Church when in 2016 joined the congregation of Almancil that at the time was called All Saints. Since then, he has been blessed in many ways and found great joy and encouragement in this loving and caring church family and prays the Lord, by His Holy Spirit, will guide this Church of Christ The King into an exciting and fruitful future.

Ann Stubbings

Ann Stubbings - Secretary.JPG

Church Secretary
Christ The King
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Having started off her working life training to be a teacher and at another time training to be a legal executive, Ann found her niche and obtained secretarial qualifications with the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and went on to have a varied and enjoyable working life. Starting with a manual typewriter, going on to an electric one, then an electronic, then finally onto computers means she has learnt how documents are created and how to make them look ‘perfect’. She is still working on getting that perfect document but thoroughly enjoys almost everything to do with office, secretarial and administrative work. Ann moved to the Algarve in 2000 and opened her own property management service but having now retired, she has returned to her first love by becoming our church secretary. She has also been blessed with the ability to make music and is responsible for anything musical in the church. Her aim, as the church grows into a larger space, is to have a band – we have started as we have 2 regular instrumentalists. There is already an occasional choir which she leads. One day perhaps we will see Ann putting her talents together and performing the lead in Leroy Anderson’s 1950 Concerto for Orchestra and Typewriter.

Sue Moore


Christ The King
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Sue is Married to Terry, they have three children Matthew, Aaron and Rebekah and three grandchildren plus several step-grandchildren. Terry and Sue have had a varied church life over the years, and although they are both Anglicans by tradition, they have worshipped in churches of several different denominations, following God’s leading. They thank God for the privilege of the gift of music and the ability to share it. Moving to Portugal was another great privilege and an adventure that they are glad God is allowing them to have. Terry and Sue have met many lovely people here, mainly through church, and really enjoy being so actively involved.

Jane Caulfield-Kerney


Church Warden
Christ The King

Jane has been worshiping with Christ The King Anglican Church since its inception. She is married to Graeham, and they have lived in the area for almost twenty years, having been born in Scotland, but lived most of her life in England. Her background is Marketing and Market Research and she is now retired. She is happiest when feeding people, either physically or spiritually, and loves thinking up new ways to make money for the Church and her favourite charities.

Rt Rev Andy Lines


Missionary Bishop for GAFCON UK and Europe - ANiE

“My principal desire is to see Christ glorified. That is done through people coming to know him through the scriptures, and that requires local churches where he is faithfully proclaimed, and those require godly pastor-teachers to lead them and to teach them. I see my role as enabling people to be in that position.”

Bishop Andy was ordained in Paraguay where he led a pioneering work of encouraging training clergy and lay ministers. From 2000-2018 he served as Mission Director of Crosslinks, a Church of England society enabling mission initiatives in many parts of the world. In June 2017 Andy was consecrated GAFCON Missionary Bishop for Europe to provide oversight for Anglican churches outside the formal Anglican structures in the Anglican Network in Europe of which ACE is one of the convocations. In July 2020 he was asked to provide oversight for the congregations of All Saints Algarve on behalf of the Eglise Anglicane du Rwanda (EAR). 

Now in 2022 as our church becomes a member of ACE churches Bishop Andy continues to be our Bishop.

He is married to Mandy and they have three adult children.


Christ The King is a member of ACE and, we are happy to say, still under the Episcopal oversight of Bishop Andy Lines. We are very pleased to receive support from others in this new convocation, to work to further the spread of the Gospel in Europe.


Work began in July 2020 by the ANiE Implementation drafting group who developed the Constitution and Canons following the Resolutions made by the Gafcon Primates Council appointing the Rt Rev Andy Lines as the bishop of the Anglican Network in Europe, encompassing the Convocations of the Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE) and the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE).