Branch Groups

What is a Branch Group?

A Branch Group is an intentional weekly gathering of a group of people who meet to explore and listen to Gods Word and encourage each other to walk in the walk of Gods Disciples.

They provide a comfortable, safe place to build relationships, form friendships, and a place for an introduction of non-believers to the Christian Faith. Branch groups provide an ideal way to care for the needs of the people within the group and provide a platform for Christians to question and live out their faith.

Currently there are 3 Christ the King Branch Groups who meet weekly on the Zoom platform, about 25 or 26 people. These groups are made up of people from the Congregation of Christ the King and other Churches or are even non-church goers. What they have in common is their desire to meet regularly to ask questions, and explore the word of the Lord in discussion with others.

Over the past year they have studied a number of programs including “The Prayer Course” based on the Lord’s Prayer, and studies led by Francis Chen, Rick Warren and Margaret Feinberg. Currently all 3 Branch Groups and reading and exploring the Book of Acts.

As we move away from Covid restrictions into a more “normal” way of life there are plans for more Christ the King Branch Groups, and this time these could be “in Person” over Coffee and fellowship, or a shared meal.

Branch Groups encourage each other and celebrate life’s accomplishments, they pray for each other and celebrate when their prayers are answered. They are there to collectively support each other in times of sadness and share in the joys and times of celebration.


Branch Meeting (Twiglets)

Tuesday 27 September, 16:45-17:45


Branch Meeting (Almonds)

Wednesday 28 September, 18:00-19:10

Join us live and interactive on Zoom.



Branch Meeting (Acorns)

Thursday 18 August, 17:00-18:30

Like to know more?

Would you like to join or lead a Branch Group? Please contact and they will connect with our Branch Group Coordinator.