Virtual Service

We offer a Live and in person service at Church in the Park and we are holding virtual Zooms services each Sunday too.

If you wish to join us please contact our secretary at

How to Zoom

Prior to the Sunday Worship Service, you will receive an invitation to join us. It will say "To Join the Service click below". Under that is a line of blue letters and numbers – the link to the meeting.

Make a note of the Meeting ID and password – just in case you need it, and then Click on the blue line.

Next follow the instructions on the screen. These will vary depending on the device that you use.
Once the setup is complete you will be able to join the meeting and when you join make sure you click to join "through computer audio" In addition, make sure you turn the video camera and audio on. These you will find on the bottom left of the page – just click to remove the red slash on the icons if there is one.

And you are all set.

Be Aware: For those of you who are joining us for the first time please – do not worry – if you experience difficulties with the camera, the mic, the quality of picture, a lag on the line for speech – it is most likely due to the volume of traffic on the internet.  We have found however, that if prior to accepting the invitation, you temporarily turn off your other devices – like a mobile phone, and close all other windows on your laptop, this will improve the quality of your reception. If for some reason you can’t log on when you accept the invitation, reboot your computer before you try to join the service and then go straight to the Zoom link. Or as the Computer Nerds always tell us turn the computer off and turn it back on again. The service will last for about an hour so plenty of time to catch up.

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