Keeping You Safe at Christ The King

The protection of children, and adults who may be vulnerable, is of the greatest importance to everyone at Christ The King Anglican Church.  We seek at all times to be respectful, and to provide a loving and caring environment.

The Safeguarding and Pastoral Care of all who worship with us, and attend any of our special ministries and places of outreach, matters.

We have three Safeguarding Officers, and it is anticipated that at least one Safeguarding Officer will be present at every meeting of Christ The King; services, outreach, and related activities. (If you would like further information about what Safeguarding means in the Church context, then please see our Safeguarding Policy on this website). 

We are members of thirtyone:eight, a trusted Christian organisation, dealing with all aspects of Safeguarding including training, and recommended by ACE and ANiE. All Safeguarding Officers have willingly submitted a Criminal Record Certificate, as have all our Ministry Team members.

If you have any concern; maybe not sure if it comes under Safeguarding, please speak to one of our Safeguarding Officers who will treat your conversation with absolute integrity, and help you decide if further action is needed. We will take any matter raised seriously.

Marina Hardy
Safeguarding Lead

Jo Blackman
Safeguarding Officer

Yvette Stembridge 
Safeguarding Officer

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Safeguarding Policy 

for Christ The King Anglican Church, Almancil, Portugal


1. Introduction

Christ The King is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for all individuals, especially children, young people, and vulnerable adults. This Safeguarding Policy outlines our commitment to protecting those in our care from harm, abuse, or neglect. It provides guidance and procedures for all staff, volunteers, and members of the church community, to ensure their responsibilities are understood and implemented effectively. 


2. Scope 

This policy applies to all individuals associated with Christ The King, including, but not limited to, clergy, staff, volunteers, and members of the congregation. It encompasses all activities and programmes, both within the church premises and off-site, involving children, young people, and vulnerable adults. 


3. Definitions 

  • Child - A person under the age of 18.
  • Young person - A person aged 18 to 25.
  • Vulnerable adult - An individual aged 18 or older who may be unable to protect themselves from harm due to mental or physical disability, age, or other factors. 
  • DSO - Designated Safeguarding Officer.


4. Responsibilities 


4.1 Church Leadership

The Church Council of Christ The King Anglican Church is responsible for implementing and promoting this Safeguarding Policy.

Church Council will appoint a Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO), or more as required, responsible for oversight, advice, and training on safeguarding matters.

Church Council will ensure that appropriate resources and training are available to support the safeguarding of all individuals.


4.2 Safeguarding Officer

The DSO will serve as the main point of contact for all safeguarding concerns. 

Provide advice, support, and guidance to staff, volunteers, and members.

Ensure all incidents and concerns are appropriately reported, recorded, and followed up.

Maintain confidentiality while adhering to legal and statutory reporting requirements.


4.3 Staff and Volunteers

All staff and volunteers working with children, young people, or vulnerable adults must undergo a rigorous screening process, including background checks. 

Attend regular safeguarding training to understand and fulfill their safeguarding responsibilities. 

Report any safeguarding concerns or suspicions promptly to the DSO.

Follow established procedures and guidelines when engaging with individuals in a pastoral or counselling role.


4.4 Congregation Members

Support the implementation of this Safeguarding Policy by following the guidelines, reporting concerns, and promoting a culture of safety and respect.

Report any safeguarding concerns or suspicions promptly to the DSO.


5. Safer Recruitment and Training 


5.1 Safer Recruitment

Implement thorough recruitment procedures, including application forms, interviews, reference checks, and Criminal Record Checks for all staff and volunteers working with children, young people, or vulnerable adults.

Maintain accurate records of recruitment checks and relevant qualifications. Responsibility of DSO. 


5.2 Training and Development

Provide regular and appropriate safeguarding training for staff, volunteers, and members.

Ensure all individuals understand their roles, boundaries, and responsibilities regarding safeguarding.

Offer additional training to those in specific roles or ministries involving children, young people, or vulnerable adults.


6. Reporting and Responding to Concerns 


6.1 Reporting Concerns

All individuals associated with the church should report any concerns or suspicions related to the safety or welfare of a child, young person, or vulnerable adult to the DSO.

Reports must be made in person, and handwritten. They must be kept safe by the DSO, and not appear on any electronic equipment like computers.  


6.2 Responding to Concerns

The DSO will handle each report promptly and confidentially, ensuring appropriate action is taken.

The DSO will work closely with relevant external agencies, such as local child protection services or the police, as necessary.

Support and care for those affected by safeguarding concerns will be provided, including access to appropriate pastoral care.


7. Review and Monitoring 


7.1 Review

This Safeguarding Policy will be reviewed at least once a year by the Church Council and the DSO.

Any changes or updates to legal or regulatory requirements will be incorporated promptly. 


7.2 Monitoring

Regular monitoring and evaluation will ensure compliance with this policy.

Feedback from staff, volunteers, and members, will be sought to improve safeguarding practices.


8. Conclusion 

Christ The King Anglican Church is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and protected. By adhering to this Safeguarding Policy, we strive to promote the well-being, safeguarding, and dignity of all individuals associated with our church community.


Signed by Chair of the Church Council: Date: 19 June 2023