At home, or on a journey?

Living in the Algarve?

Whether you are living here in the Algarve permanently, or part-time, we would love you to see Christ The King as part of your family. We have many members who spend parts of the year here in Portugal and parts of the year in the UK, as well as many members who live here full time.

We run a number of midweek groups and you would be welcome to join us. All activities and events can be found on our calendar.

On Holiday in Portugal?

Holidays are a gift from God – even the name betrays their spiritual origins. Holy days are part of the rhythm of work and rest; a rhythm that God intended for human flourishing. We don't holiday from God, we holiday with God, and so it makes all the sense in the world for us to meet with His people during our holiday.

We have lots to learn from our brothers and sisters around the world. Visiting a church on holiday can help us to experience God in a fresh way, and remind us to hold the global church in our hearts.

If you are on holiday here in the Algarve we would love to welcome you, share our journey with you and hopefully share yours too as we enjoy worshiping Jesus together!